Laura Neilan


Laura Neilan (née Veniot) primarily represents Plaintiffs in the civil litigation context. She thrives on representing accident victims, employees who have been wrongfully terminated, and plaintiffs in all manner of insurance disputes (including disability benefits and property damage claims). She is also happy to act for clients on construction matters, land disputes and Social Security appeals (particularly, CPP disability benefits).

Laura has successfully argued at all levels of court in Nova Scotia, as well as the New Brunswick Court of Appeal, and a variety of administrative boards and tribunals.

Laura is an active participant in the Nova Scotia Land Titles Initiative, a program which seeks to give clear title to members of the African Nova Scotian community who have historically been denied the benefits of land ownership.

Most importantly, Laura is a mom to two busy little boys, Joe and Max.

Laura is a member of the Nova Scotia Barrister’s Society, the Advocates Society, and the Atlantic Provinces Trial Lawyers Association. Laura holds a Juris Doctor from the University of New Brunswick (2013) and has been practicing law since 2014.

Notable decisions:

Hiltz v. Elmsdale Landscaping Ltd., 2022 NSSC 243 (successful claim for wrongful dismissal and bad faith in contractual dealings)

Hazouri v. Beacon Hill Development Ltd., 2021 NSSC 340 (successful application to set aside an Agreement of Purchase and Sale)

Terris v. Meisner, 2019 NSSC 252 (proving contempt of court beyond all reasonable doubt)

Minister of Employment and Social Development v C. T, 2018 SST 1274 (successful appeal of CPP disability benefits denial)

P. S. v Minister of Employment and Social Development, 2018 SST 218 (successful appeal of a CPP disability benefits denial)